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Thank you for visiting Paper Goodies from Judy's Place. We have so many things to share. EnJoy!

Once into SHOP you can select CATEGORIES to find your interests

Once into SHOP you can select CATEGORIES to find your interests

Once into SHOP you can select CATEGORIES to find your interestsOnce into SHOP you can select CATEGORIES to find your interests

About Us

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How We Came to Be- And Happy Customer Policy

YOU FIRST: We subscribe to the Happy Customer Policy. If ever you are displeased with any of our paper dolls, the best thing is to PHONE me, and I'll do whatever it takes to make things right with you. 

I never share your data.  Your privacy and security are IMPORTANT!

I NEVER keep your credit card numbers "on file" or anywhere. If you phone an order, I shred them when I am done. 

NOW ME:  Judy M Johnson. I started back in 1974 drawing and selling black & white paper dolls. By 1998 I had a small presence on the newly emerging World Wide Web thanks to my daughter who learned the magic codes required at the time. January 2000 we had our first website ( and began adding products, now over 1,500.  

2019 we modernized with a "Device-Friendly" site.  

You will find mostly Paper dolls/new and old, Coloring, Crafting, my own art, Mom Helen's costume  art.  It was because of Mother's paper doll collecting, and our mutual love of art and images (magazines, catalogues, fashion art, cards) that this all began.  That vintage stuff has become part of our 100s of craft/collage images, bookmarks, cards and such.  

Then we added other fun things to do and collect;  As varied as  scrap, ads, books, and even  REAL 3-D dolls.
Check our shop to see and HAVE FUN!

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Large Variety of Fun with Paper!

Over 2,000 products Paper Crafting, scrap-booking  products, and paper dolls bring endless fun for the children in your life, and the child in you! Categories include: Babies and children, Family, Women and Models, Storybook, Fashion, WWII, Celebrities, Bridal, Animals, Holidays, Careers,...MORE! Collect, color, cut, play, share, EnJoy!


Vintage Paper Dolls, Magazines & Comics

You are the beneficiary of our family's many years of collecting old magazines, prints, comics, catalogues, greeting cards & more. We take those images, clean them up, reuse in different ways like Paper Dolls for you to dress, Compendiums of magazine  and comic series.


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