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Costume Party, by Betty Campbell; 1933 (0886-FMN PD)

Costume Party, by Betty Campbell; 1933

The Costume Party
by Betty Campbell

First published by Samuel Gabriel and Sons in 1933, then reissued as a boxed set in 1940. All the dolls and clothes were the same, but the cover was new. Beautifully painted (dolls and costumes) by popular paper doll artist, Betty Campbell. We have several other good-selling books by this artist.

As the one we used was a boxed set, and not a book, I had to reformat the entire book, which ended up with a doll page, 6 costume pages, and an insert with face masks to coordinate with the historically and ethnically inspired costumes. I added flowers and even costume paintings to enhance the pages.

Costumes include: Pinkie & Blueboy, Czech, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Native American, Dutch, Hungarian, Jenny Lind, 1860 English and American. There are clever "masks" with heads and headgear to accompany the dresses, to complete the authenticity of each costume. The Czech costume has only the headdress-no mask.

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Laser printed on top grade archival papers; 80# covers & insert, 32# costume pages. Finished book size is 8.5"x11". Comes in crystal clear archival seal-top bag.

Revised edition copyright, Forget-Me-Not Publishing, Skandia Michigan.

Orders over $90 are FREE SHIPPING, auto-calculated at check-out.

If you'd like to phone in your order, please call our home based business between 10 am - 10 pm. 906-942-7865 (message machine) or 810-299-5210 (no machine) Thanks! Judy

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