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JMJ- Modern Modes of the Mid 1920s (0412-JMJ PD)

JMJ- Modern Modes of the Mid 1920s

Modern Modes of the Mid 1920s
by Judy M Johnson
Now On Archival CARDSTOCK!

Here's a fun adaptation from fashion magazines of the mid 1920s. Judy finds a nice figure in a slip, then searches for dresses that sort of fit. She scans them into her computer, then modifies them, moving an arm here, repainting an area that's covered up by another figure there, making wider or shorter....etc. to make the dress fit the doll. Then drawing tabs in appropriate places to attach to the figure.

It's like the old days of cutting from magazines and catalogues to make your own paper dolls, but with more creative adjustments than can be made with glue and scissors.

One page, 8.5x11 on 80# CARDSTOCK. Signed by the artist.

Free shipping on orders $90 and over...will auto-calculate @ check-out.

     Judy M Johnson is an internationally renowned paper doll artist, having been published by national companies including: B. Shackman; Dover Publications; Scott Publications; Collector Communications; Magicloth Toys; Schylling Toys; and Paper Studio Press-owned and operated by Judy's daughter, Jenny Taliadoros.(www.paperdollreview.com) Additionally,  she has written for: National Doll World; Artists Magazine; Dolls Magazine; Contemporary Doll; Ceramics Monthly;  Paper Doll Review; Paper Doll Studio (www.opdag.com); and others.

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Art by Judy M Johnson features Aprons of the late 1930s for a paper doll.

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