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Real Doll-1989 1st Annual Vogue Doll Ginny + PDs (2065-JMJ-Vintage Doll)

Real Doll-1989 1st Annual Vogue Doll Ginny + PDs

1989 First Annual Vogue Doll Review Luncheon Souvenir- at which Margaret O'Brien was the guest speaker
VERY Limited Edition Ginny Doll
AND Three Paper Dolls!


This was the very first Annual Vogue Doll Review, and their special feature theme was Ginny dolls. Those who attended- fewer than 150 people- received this darling special edition doll. It's unique to this event only, and quite rare. This costume was never made again.

The doll is the standard Ginny size. The clothes are beautifully designed and sewn. The fabric is a finely woven moire' taffeta in dove gray with burgundy accents at the bodice and cuff-ruffles. A tiny black looped trim (picot lace) adorns the hem, sleeves, and bodice. Ginny wears a pretty bonnet of the same burgundy, stiffened to stand out on the brim, and trimmed with tiny fabric flowers.

Ginny also carries a pretty bag with embroidered ribbon trim. She also has a little gift box containing the pretty little pink and gold enameled Vogue Doll pin. An authenticating clip of parchment paper notes "Limited Edition, First Annual Vogue Doll Review Luncheon, May 1989. No. 115" The 115 is hand-written noting the editon number.

It was said that the dress on this Ginny represented one of the costumes worn by Margaret O'Brian in one of her films, but I can't find any images of one like it. The style puts in in the mid 1800s during the Little Women era..or a little later in the 1800s. If anyone can tell which film this costume may represent, please let me know.

I have included 3 souvenir Ginny paper dolls which were  other gifts given to the guests; two by Charlotte Whatley (one with a doll clothes pattern) and one by me- Judy M Johnson. Margaret O'Brien was the guest star at the party, so the paper dolls are of her as a child.

I'm selling my doll...sad to see her go, but I have too many dolls and lots of other stuff, and need the income more than the dolls. So she's prepared to go off to a new home with someone who will love her and appreciate her uniqueness.

I could not find this very doll on the internet, but I think my asking price is very reasonable considering the rarity.

I have just this one to sell, so act quickly if you wish to add this doll and the paper dolls to your collection.

You are welcome to phone in your order to our home business- 10 am to 10 pm EST; 906-942-7865 (this # has an answering machine)  or 810-299-5210 (no answering machine.

Orders to the U.S. $90 and over are FREE SHIPPING.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a one-woman operation- designer, publisher, printer, order-fulfillment, customer service, etc. for this business.
And I am active in two non-profit groups as well. What this means is that I am often verrry slow at replying to email. For any urgent business, suggestions, complaints, chats, etc. PLEASE PHONE. Then your concerns will be handled most rapidly.

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